Suit rentals

Men wedding suitFor all your suit rentals

For the rental of morning coats, we recommend you contact us fifteen or thirty days before the ceremony, but if necessary, we could attend to your order up to the same day as the ceremony (weddings, etc.), provided there is no significant problem with the sizes (men suit sizes).

Rental rates

  • Hire a full smoking/tuxedo -70 €
  • Hire a full-morning coat – 60 €

Rental suits plaid or striped

If want to hire a morning coat that isn´t the usual black, we can offer a large variety from which you can choose another color; including plaid or striped.

  • The price in this case is 300 €.

New suits

You may also be interested in renting a new suit for 150 €

Offers and discounts

5 rentals – 5% discount.
8 rentals – 10% discount.
12 rentals – 20% discount.

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