Dress code

Dress recommendations and codes

When choosing a garment we must consider certain points, which in some cases we do not usually take into account and thus it is reflected in the way we dress. Without losing our own style (always avoiding being a ” slave ” to fashion ), we should know how to combine clothes, colors, fabrics, etc. Some factors are very dependent on each other as the time of year, type of event and some of our physical features among other things.

Different dress codes for different occasions…

Groom coatsDress-coat and groom´s tailcoat:

Black is the most ceremonious and common color, but more daring combinations seem to be catching up in popularity.

The main garments it is composed of are:

  • Suit top : black frock coat , with parted front skirts and classic lapels .
  • Trousers: Black or gray with an array of thin vertical stripes , and classic cuts to choose from. Preferably with two folds.
  • Vest : Grey or black but can also have bold motifs and colors.
  • Shirt: White or light-colored.
  • Tie : Any color is lively or not; which will go well with the vest and shirt chosen. Silk is preferred material.
  • Shoes: Black and laced.
  • Socks: Black.
  • Additional features: Handkerchief matching tie and vest.

Rental tux in MarbellaTuxedos:

Morning coats: tuxedos are mainly for parties, though they are also used for weddings in the UK .

  • Blazers and suit tops: In black or white (According to location and time of year). The most widely used color is black.
  • Trousers: Black suit top – black pants with a silk stripe along its sides. If the jacket is white pants can be black or white. If you choose any other color suit pants should match.
  • Shirt: White with hidden buttons or rhinestones, neck or bow tie can be normal and double cuffs for cufflinks .
  • Bow Tie: If the jacket is black, the bow tie must be too, otherwise, you may combine with other colors.
  • Sash : In silk and matching bow tie .
  • Shoes : Black , laced and preferably patent leather.
  • Socks : Always black.

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